Greetings to you :)

Assalaam,, Hello everyone 🙂
It seems long time enough since I didn’t post my writings. Now I will try my best to more active to write than before. I have much experience lately, maybe I can’t tell you much but I will tell you some of them which I consider can give you more motivation and long view about something. Although I’m busy enough these days, I will try to spend little time to write a post. Anyway, do you curious why I’m beginning to write with English? It is short answer for me, cause I didn’t practice my English around 2,5 years ago, I am afraid to losing my English skill so I determine to accustom to write in English more often. My English is not too fluent but I will try my best to improve it, I will try to enrich my vocabularies and to improve my grammars, so I hope you can help to correct me if I’m doing wrongness, ok?

I’m happy to greet you back since long time,, everyone hwiting! Having big smile, 7 cm smile ^_____^

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim, 4 days left to Ramadhan 1433H

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