What My Mom Thought

It happens around 7 or 8 years ago when I was in junior high school. I remember that day was Saturday, when I came home after school at afternoon. I little bit surprised when I looked bamboo long chair in front of house. I am sure that my mom is not a person who likes to spend lot of money for secondary goods, so I asked my mom but her answer never I predicted before.

“Just past, Ibu saw a grandfather carried bamboo long chair with his shoulder in front of way. It was little sadness that he must struggle hard in his old age. More surprised that chair was really cheap, about ten thousand rupiahs, so I bought it.”

 Previously, I always think that we should spend money just for needful things. I call it ‘wise’. But now I have different view, wise is not a cinch. It depends on where you see it from. If we are not see anything with deep view, than we are not learn more to be wise. That’s what I thought.


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