What It Means to You

Togashi : The coffee that I brought, you said it was good right?

Shinkai : Yes

Togashi : That’s why I continued as a CA. That’s what work is to me. But if you don’t have that something in this job, I guess you would want to quit. I won’t stop you


Koda : You pass. You’re back on the team

Shinkai : …

Koda : What? Unhappy?

Shinkai : No. I’m glad I had the accident. It made me realize how much this job meant to me. This is a place where you can almost reach out and touch the sun. I will always enjoy flying.

Koda : It really was beautiful

Shinkai : Ehm?

Koda : The rising sun

Shinkai : Ehm

Koda : I have to thank you. Seeing you today reminded me, reminded me of my early  flying days. I loved it so much. Shinkai?

Shinkai : Yes

Koda : Thank you

From Dorama “Good Luck”

Good Luck

picture source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com


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