Doesn’t Mean Stop Lovin’

Coach Fanelli : wanna talk about it?

Josh : No

Coach Fanelli : It wouldn’t have anything to do with a new man in your mom’s life, would it?

Josh : …

Coach Fanelli : Would it?

Josh : He’s not my dad, all right?

Coach Fanelli : No, I guess he isn’t. And you loved your father very much.

So, where you headin’ after football season?

Josh : I’m running away, remember?

Coach Fanelli : Yeah, well, I mean theoretically if you weren’t running away, what would you be doing?

Josh : I don’t know. Probably play basketball or something

Coach Fanelli : Hmm. Well I would have thought the way you’d gotten into football basketball was out

Josh : I never said it was out. I love basketball, it just that I love football too

Coach Fanelli : How’s that possible?

Josh : You can ..,

Coach Fanelli : You like this guy Patrick, Josh? Doesn’t mean you gotta stop lovin’ your father you know? Your mom hasn’t

From “Air Bud – Golden Receiver” Movie

1998. Air Bud – Golden Receiver

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