Not Just A Film #1 Seasons Change

Seasons Change - Rainy

This film tells about first love, friendship, and passion among Pom, Aom, and Dao, the teenagers who are getting become adults. Many people get their first love from first impression to other (girl/man) but in time some of them will realize that it’s not enough, and so I am. Seasons Change tells that sometime what we love is different with someone we love. In the long run, we realize that we should choose one of them, although in some cases they can run together. At the heart of the matter, we must be honest to ourselves although we may lose one of them.

I love the way of Nithiwat Tharathorn directs this film and so it is with Dear Galileo film. In my opinion, he not just gives the viewers an entertaining view but –in deep meaning– about finding ourselves (this is some conversation of the movie that I wrote on my older post: what-they-like-will-always-stay-with-them-forever). Honestly, Seasons Change is one –or maybe the only one– of romantic film that I love till now. Nothing skin ship scenes or romantic dialog between the main actors, Nithiwat describes love in simple way but sweet and heartwarming.

Besides the meaning, I learned many things of this film especially about architecture. The background of film is in the music faculty of Mahidol University, Thailand. The architecture of this building is awesome (I’ll share about it in another post, insyaa Allah). Besides that, the scores of the film is awesome too, it’s recommended for you especially who love classical musics or instruments.

That’s all what I think, I hope you enjoy it :). I am sorry for my bad english hehe, I haven’t used english for long time enough. You can correct my vocabulary or grammar, and I am really thanks for that. See you for the next ‘Not Just A Film’ post, insyaa Allah.


3 thoughts on “Not Just A Film #1 Seasons Change

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