Happiness is one of words that so meaningful for every person’s life. It is considered very important in life. All of people in the world dream to find it. It makes life feels in peace and composure. Without it, our life feels so alone, blindness, sorrowful, and don’t have a meaningful.

It is hard to define what the happiness is. Basically, it is the noun of happy adjective word. According to wolframalpha.com that mentioned in wikipedia.com, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It can be said that contentment is the closes meaning of happiness. Nevertheless, not everyone have the same meaning of happiness since it is a personal feeling and has nothing a basic parameter. Happiness meaning in Eric Weiner’s opinion in ‘The Geography of Bliss’ book is different with Chris Gardner in ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ film, but it is not a big problem. Many people thought that happiness came when you get what you really most want. It can be a wealthy life, get popularities, or get a royal position in life. However, I personally believe that happiness is more worth than to define as a simple thing like that.

HappinessIn achieving happiness, there are some of important factors. It can be different from each person but it is ok. I am agree with Tere Liye in his book ‘Ayahku (bukan) Pembohong–My Father (is not) Liar’. He writes that happiness is not come from outside of us. Good news, good score, achievement, or praise can’t make us happy because when it’s gone, happiness is gone. Likewise of bad news, bad score, failure, or excoriation can’t make us sad because when it’s gone, sadness is gone. In contrary, happiness comes from us, inside our mind. You can be happy even if either you’re in trouble or your enemy gets successful more than you, because it’s not depend on the others but it depend on you. So the factor is when you accept everything you get in life with patience and thanks God.

In my views, happiness comes when I see people that I love are happy, when I can help many people in my life and makes them smile, and when I have a pure mind to accept either painful or bliss in my life.


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