Little House 3.5, As The Solution For Minimum Space

Little House 3.5

It was my project for my best friend, Dewi. I worked it down on my third year on undergraduate of Architecture. It was named Little House 3.5 because like it was, the size of building area was really small –just 3m x 5m. The boundaries of this area were the other home, so it was quite difficult to extend the area or made it growth plan building. There were two concepts that I applied to solve minimum area for getting larger space, they are by mezzanine and made under-stairs space as loo. The first floor was dominated by public space, there are living room, mini-kitchen, and loo and on the second floor used for private room like television room and bed room. I took the mezzanine on the under-roof space so I made this room higher than the others. For getting good air-fresh circulation and to keep it from narrow space-psychology, I made the canopy high enough, took the little balcony on the second floor, and gave the vines-parapet to make it sweeter.

Honestly I have no big intention on Architecture, I am not really passion on it but I enjoy it till now and I am glad I’ve learned this. It’s really simple design, don’t you think? Yet, I hope it’s useful for you, especially who want to overcome minimum space problems 🙂


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