Being Second Actor

Honestly, I ever felt in situations that wanted a lot of attentions, like in the organisation, work team, or social life. But in time I wonder it’s not really what I want, more like it’s what I need and not just me, every people –ordinary people– like to be that, very human. Nevertheless, now I don’t have any intention to get attentions, in means being the main actor in some situations. I just want to be the helper, the invisible person that respected and thankful by her friends in order to her helps for them.

If I need to describe it, it might be like Dr. John Watson for Sherlock Holmes, Misaki for Tsubasa, Killua for Gon, or Hermione and Ron for Harry. You know what, may be they’re not recognized well by the people or fans for those stories, but deep down the main actor’s heart, their presence is really important more than anyone else can do. They giving their trust, support, effort, and friendship –truly friendship actually– to prove themselves more than (may be) the person who main actor’s loved to.

I really wants to be the second actor for any of my friends. Heard their stories, heard their suffer and sadness, gave my shoulder for they lean on, gave my best support, prayed for them in silence, or kept their secrets. Being the first person they called to say “thanks” or being the first one they searched to share for. Hopefully


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