The Irrational Nature of Love

Have you ever fallen in love? Sort of feeling that hard to describe but surely could be known for some people. I’m a melancholic but still I can’t describe it well. I have my first love and the longest one over thirteen years, hehe more than half of my age now. It’s such a pure, plain, and cute things that really precious I’ve ever got. Ya I’m not feeling the same thing right now, or maybe I am falling in love with someone by different way with the previous one? Hehe I am not so sure, but I’m grateful for that because I believe I should keep it for my future red-string. Ok, that’s enough for honest matter, so where is this post will direct you?

If you think that love (with opposite sex) should be shown, then I’m disagree with you unless you already married him/her. I believe that when you love someone before he/she being your spouse or in serious process to that thing, you shouldn’t say or show your feeling to him/her. That’s the way you prove that you love him/her purely. Why? because in Islam we agree it could make fitna (such a rumour) and it is the best way to keep heart. We never know who will be our spouse, that’s why Allah asks us to love someone moderately because if he/she won’t become our spouse someday, we won’t be getting hurt too much or hard forgetting him/her.

Keep control your emotion, I suggest you. Do you know the story about the love between Fatimah Az-Zahra and Ali bin Abi Thalib? I believe you do. They were the best example how keeping heart is really important to save the best one (your love) purely. Fatimah is Rasulullah (Ali’s cousin)’s daughter, they grew up together in the same home with Rasulullah saw and Khadijah. They were first love for each other but they hid it until Fatimah was eighteen. No one ever known about that not even satan, but Allah The All Knowing and Rasulullah know them much well. Mashaa Allah, It’s really amazing, don’t you agree?

Love is the irrational nature of feeling. You couldn’t deny it because it’s Allah gift for everyone. It’s not a sin to feel that, you shouldn’t be afraid to get it, just let it go as the way it should be, moderately. And trust me the real love is our spouse, the right one from Allah so keep your heart for him/her. The last, as women one of the way to our Jannah is depend on our husband, so love and obey him well :). Wallahua’lam bishowab


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