Not Just A Film #3 Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee is the story about Akeelah, a black-skin 11 years girl who has unpredictable talent in spelling. She just as normal as other students in Crenshaw Middle School, a school particularly for black pupils. It started when her teacher realize that Akeelah always getting perfect score for spelling test even she never study seriously for it. She was suggested to participate in Spelling Bee in order to promote her school and as representative for getting achievements. She rejected it at first because she won’t to be considered as brainiac and freak. But then, when her brother suggested her to do it for her dad that has died, she finally accepted it.

Spelling Bee is the contest of pupils to spell the words in English which came from Greek, Latin, or French. Whenever Akeelah let her mind into it, she can remember all of it. She didn’t took it seriously at first, but then she realize how she want to win it badly. For winning Spelling Bee she should be trained, and that’s why she really need Dr.Larabee. But first day meeting with Dr.Larabee wasn”t going well, Akeelah didn’t showed that her willingness and respect to him, therefor Dr.Larabee rejected to coach her. Then she came back and decided to study by her self. She finally made it at 10 big spellers in district level, but it’s a bit of lucky. For being chosen as top three spellers to represent Southern California and go into the last competition Spelling Bee in Washington DC, she need to be coaching a lot, that means she need Dr. Larabee help.

The plot after that is tell about Akeelah and her effort in this contest, how she convince her mom to do it, how she handle her friendship, her popularity, and her confidence, how she prove that black-skin people can be the winner and the youngest one from the school that never predicted before. The journey of Akeelah didn’t just inspired her siblings but also her mom, her coach, her friends, her neighbors, and even her strong rival, Dylan.

Thank you for Shofi, my little sister in our kost that presented this film. I really recommend you to watch it, because this is a powerful film with a lot of the lesson of hard work and what you want to be in your goals life. How you pursue your goal not just ‘the way it should be’ but more than that, in the way it become more precious and meaningful 🙂

2 thoughts on “Not Just A Film #3 Akeelah and the Bee

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