Mushola Renovation Project

Renovasi Mushola - Portfolio

In the past May 6th, my sister’s friend asked me to help him designing Mushola (such a little mosque) Renovation in charity project. It was located in Jl. Warakas I No.34, North Jakarta, 14340. He need the design to purpose the Proposal to the Government for getting relief funds. I wasn’t pretty sure in the moment because I wasn’t designing for long enough so I’m not confident, but I really want to help. So I answered “Ya, inshaa Allah“, but then he asked “Could you finish it tomorrow afternoon?”. I was really surprised but then I said again “Ya, inshaa Allah” although finally I send it in the night hehe.

This mushola is really small I think, the area thereabouts 29 m square. The request is quite simple, he want to make ground floor higher about 60 cm to 1 m as an anticipation on flood, make the second floor design, and change the building old-fashioned image into contemporary image with affordable budget. So, here it is. I’m really sorry to him for my lacking design. I don’t know whether the Proposal is approved or not, but I hope the Karang Taruna and Remaja Masjid could get the funds 🙂



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