Overview Architectural Design of Music Faculty Mahidol University

As I promised last year, I will review about Music Faculty of Mahidol University from my architecture perspective when I was watching Seasons Change film :). The College of Music Mahidol University, is one of the best music school in Asia. Besides music performance, I am interest with the building of this college. When I studied architecture in undergraduate, we didn’t study specific all of building typologies unless what we’ve done in studio or final project. Nevertheless, we must need to know about the key rules of the buildings. So when I was watching Seasons Change, it was really interesting to pay attention more about the building.

If you need detail information about this building, you can visit this website, it’s really help you to understand and know about the facilities, services, student affairs, and etc, including the architectural concept and engineering drawings. You can also use it as precedent drawings, I am really recommend it. Since I am just review about some sides of the building that I watched in Seasons Change film, it may not too detail. Besides, I want to say my apologize for poor quality of some pictures because I cropped those from the film, but I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Piano body shape


Cantilever of Hia-Tia Cafetaria

The shape of first floor cantilever of Hia-Tia Cafetaria seems like piano body shape, don’t you think ?. It’s interesting to put or transform some of musical instrument’s body shapes or images into the building.

Orchestra rehearsal room






This room named Pra Jenduriyanga Recital Hall. In the film, it was place where Pom, Dao, and Aom practice for orchestra performance. Because it was used for loud sound purpose, the materials and design are made different. There is double entering doors to enter the room, soundproof panel which installed in the wall, and the ceiling made high enough, it’s all used to minimize the noise from inside room or outside room getting in. This room is also connected to studio recording.

Double entering door

Double entering doors

Soundproof panel on the wall

Studio recording

Studio recording






Rock electric guitar shape

Some of column on the ground floor seems like guitar electric rock body shape. This zigzag shape also can find along the corridor. The rectangular columns area is also used as sitting place.


Along the corridor


Zigzag columns

Electric guitar






Private practice room

The private practice room is a small room that is completed with some musical instruments (usually one to three instruments). It’s used focusing to practice alone or in a small group in the soundproofed rooms so the noise from one did not leak to its neighbors. Between one and the other practice rooms usually placed in along corridor.

Placed along the corridor

Placed along the corridor

Private practice oom

Private practice room







Amphitheater and the oval plaza

In the film, there is a scene where Pom and his two friends held a mini concert in the amphitheater. The oval plaza besides as a vocal point of the amphitheater is also can be used as a mini stage for outdoor concert.








It’s usually used for some students to practice in outdoor and relax to get fresh air.







Music studio







The musical instruments are placed in each appropriate studios. It’s the place where the lecturer and students practice, collaborate, and research to find out some new music inspirations.


Ramp is a must component in college of music, if there is no lift. It’s really needed when moving some big musical instruments like timpani in the picture below. And also outdoor ramp can be used when you want to go from one to other buildings by riding bicycle hehe.







That’s all my review. It just what I thought about, so if some aspects are wrong, hopefully you may correct it, thank you 🙂

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