Why Are You So Ashamed of ?

What are you ashamed of?  Why are you so ashamed of Aya-nee (older sister)?
Aya-nee is really amazing. Aya-nee has been working on rehabilitation exercises everyday, really optimistically.
If I had her disease (spinocerebellar degeneration), I wouldn’t have her courage to leave the house.
If other people give me strange looks, and said strange stuff about me, I wouldn’t be able to smile like her.
I, for the first time, feel that Aya-nee is amazing.
This, Aya-nee sewed this. For Aya-nee, to sew your name really took a lot of effort.
Did you know that?
Don’t you know how much time she spent sewing it on? Sacrificing her own sleeping time.
Hiro, can you do something like this? Can you do something like this for Aya-nee? Can you use so much effort?
Why are you so ashamed of Aya-nee?
People with this kind of thoughts make me feel even more ashamed

Ikeuchi Ako’s line to Ikeuchi Hiro, dorama 1 Liter no Namida, ep.6


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