A Karate Girl Who Save A Thief

A little girl was came back from her school in 7 p.m., she walked along a quite way. Without she noticed, a thief tried to surprise her by blocking her with knife from behind. Unluckily, the girl (who is a karate girl, in fact) by reflex reversed the knife directed to the thief’s neck.

Little girl : What do you want Sir? (she even asked with well mannered hehe)
The thief : I want to steal your pocket (even he answered honestly hehe)
Little girl : You’re not good Sir, if I can tell you. I’m a karate student, and for your info, I’m quite strong 😀

The thief was an old man around 40 years old, poorly, thought the little girl. And suddenly she remembered about her homework (-_-”)

Little girl : I’ll bring my pocket and even my watch and my mobile phone, but you must answer my questions first, I just curious about you Sir. To be honest, this day my teacher give me a paper homework about ‘Why some people hurt the other?’. I am in 5th class, and I wonder this is my hardest homework I’ve ever had (with serious but cute face little kid). Do you want to help me to answer this honestly? If you do, I’ll bring more than you asked, besides my parents are rich hehe (??). It’s not a problem right if I am recording our conversations? Don’t worry, I’ll save your identity (said her with convince face)

Karate Girl Ok

The thief looked the little girl very confused ‘How weird and plain is she’, he thought
The thief : Sure, (how lucky I am, he thinks). I’ve never met a kid like you, how weird this day
Little girl : God has arranged our meeting for some reasons right? That’s what my mom told me 🙂
The thief : Ehm… yeah (answer him little awkward)
Little girl : So, first question, you have kids?
The thief : Ya, one. He’s same like you, in the 5th class
Little girl : Wow I could be friend with him 🙂 Sir, you must introduce us one day oke, promise me. And… does he know about what you do? I mean that you’re work as a thief
The thief : (?? it’s not a work, if you know) Off course he doesn’t, this is a-secret-job lists you know? Besides I don’t want him to know
Little girl : Why?
The thief : He’ll be sad and feel ashamed to me
Little girl : Aah… I see, I’m trying to understand how’s his feeling. So you know that this job would make him sad and ashamed if he knows?
The thief : … (his eyes glued to the floor)
Little girl : (‘May be he knows’ thought her) I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you sad 😦 
The thief : No, you don’t kid. I hope he got a better dad, a better future, not like me. He deserves it. He’s so clever if you believe me, he even brought a first winner cup of swimmer last week and he always be a star of class every years. He wants to be a pilot someday, and I’m promise I’ll bring him to the best school of pilot in this country
Little girl : …You’re really a good dad Sir, like my daddy…
The thief : …
Little girl : Ehm… so what do you tell him about your job?
The thief : I said I am working as a driver at morning to afternoon, and in the night as a security. My wife and son believe that, that’s my job two years ago
Little girl : So why you don’t work again?
The thief : I’ve got fired because my boss thought that I stole his watch, but I swear I didn’t do it. I’ve tried really hard to get a new job but nobodies believe me
Little girl : How mean they are,,,
The thief : ….
Little girl : Ehm… you know Sir, Uncle Opin, my daddy’s driver passed away last month, he has heart attack. We are really sad and my daddy said that nobodies could replace him, but I don’t think so. If you want, you can replace him, you’re a good man, Sir 🙂 
The thief : Really? (he’s hesitant to believe her)
Little girl : I’m never lie…. unless about my math score yesterday got 8, please don’t tell my mom, I’ll bring her know if I’m ready 😥 (says her whispering) 
The thief : …(he’s suddenly crying)
Little girl : …(the girl also start to cry) Did I hurt you?
The thief : No, really not. You know ‘Why some people hurt the other?’ May be because they don’t know how precious those people who they’re hurting, if they do, I believe they won’t do it. They just need to know, that’s what I thought (tell him with sparkling eyes :’))
Little girl : Is that my homework answer? Oh thank you Sir, you’re really kind-hearted 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Karate Girl Who Save A Thief

    • Ya Nida
      Tetiba kesamber apa dan buat itu, kalau punya anak nanti aku mau mereka dihiasi kisah2 positif :’)
      Nida juga jauuuuhhhh lebih inspiratif dibanding aku, serius 🙂
      Nida terima kasih sudah mampir 🙂

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