Me Time

For me, my Me Times are when I can spend a good moment with a glass of coffee and books in the balcony, or when I can go to book store by my self, or when I watch inspiring movies. I am an introvert one (who might be became an ambivert one hehe) and I love to spend time for any positive activities for my own sake. I feel like it can ease my feel, charge my energy, and influence my point of view.

Anyone can have different styles of ‘Me Time’ but I think we need to have it among our bustles. The routines can kill us hehe, and monotonous really boring, don’t you think? May be many people tend to have refreshing activities by shopping, going to cinema, or other hanging-out things. But for me, I love to spend it if I do it with people I loved like my families or my friends, if I should have it alone it will be less meaning. Since ya, I thought it is not the matter of having those activities but with whom do you have it.

And may be like this one, when I am writing this post. I share it to you, hopefully you love this simple thing hehe. I do my another ‘Me Time’ by writing new post in my blog about what positive shared-meaning I thought right now. It is a happy feeling 🙂 haha what a random post


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