Perceive The Others

There could be a moment when we couldn’t comfort other people by our advices. It might be because of our lacking position, because the timing isn’t right, or because we don’t have any good advices at all. It’s alright, in those cases. But I thought it would be the other way if ourselves -it self- who couldn’t be comforted by other’s advices. Sometimes I wonder why I still asking their advices if I don’t even considerate it throughly. Is it because I just want to look good in front of them by standing like an unobtrusive or is it because I just want to hear their opinions? And I found my self a bad person. It is me, an arrogant person who thought herself must be better than the others, so it doesn’t necessary to take into account their advices. I feel bad whenever I remember those. I hope I’m not going too far. Instead of being a pro, I want to be a minor, the one who saw others better than herself, so she could respect them throughly.

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