1% of Something

I’m not actually someone who love romance films or dramas. Sometimes it’s too cheesy and give a weird atmosphere hehe. The first romance film that succeed to involve me into it is A Walk to Remember or Dawson’s Crack? Ya between these two, I’m not remember. But as I think more about it, maybe it’s because of I’m quite stubborn in my teenage when I watched it, hehe seems like that’s the reason. Then long time after that, I love Pride and Prejudice, Kimi Ni Todoke, Taiyou no Uta, Season’s Change, and Cheese in the Trap. Beside those, another films or dramas that still I keep mostly are about life, science, biography, and family. Then one day I found it accidentally, 1% of Something. It’s South Korea’s TV cable drama. I won’t share what this drama about, and I’m not recommend it as well, since everyone have their own taste, preferences, and principles in selecting what they watch. I just want to say that I think I’m falling in love again after I watched it. I understand the perspective of two people who love each other, how they express it, how they overcome their differences, and how they restrain their own self to the person they love. It’s obvious actually, but for me, the way this drama deliver some messages is different. I love the main actors great acting and chemistry, I love the brilliant director-nim and scriptwriter-nim (who also the author of its original novel) who work behind it, and I love the way to understand the perspective behind the one reason and another reason interrelated. Once again, it seems obvious in some ways, but it’s not that underrated as it seems.


One percent here is defined by 1% of destiny rather than 99% coincident, and 1% of charm of his/her that win your heart and make you fall rather than other his/her 99% terrible traits.


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