Park Cheol-soo: “I am familiar with such a response.
‘How long are you going to do it?’ ‘A rich boy is being childish.’ ‘He will return to his dad if he can’t stand it.’
When the first-year player draft was over, a friend who played soccer with me said this.
‘I wish you get injured… seriously enough for you to never play soccer again.’

Byun Ra-young: “Why did he say such a thing?”

Park Cheol-soo: “Between me and that friend, a club owner was comparing us and then he chose me.
He blamed me… because I could live well even if I don’t play soccer.
He said I took his chance away.
He wanted me to concede the chance… as I looked less desperate than him.
However, I couldn’t do so. I was as desperate as he was. 
Still, people don’t believe that I am as desperate as he is.
It’s so hard to gain recognition… with just that.”


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