Manusia bagi saya adalah makhluk yang sangat kompleks. Pembeda yang sangat nyata dengan makhluk lain yang Allah ciptakan. They have the depth that couldn’t understand wholly by other people, no ones. Even if you are their best friend, their parents, their siblings, or their other close relations. I bet they couldn’t. Like what Sean told to … More Manusia


I really love kids. But that’s a secret. I don’t like people to notice it, so I will adore them when people don’t see it hehe. In 2015, I joined Sekolah Bermain Balon Hijau (SBBH) as a volunteer teacher. It’s kind of nursery school I think, informal school for children from 3-4 years old. It’s … More Anak-anak

How are you?

Nowadays, in my deepest mind, I’ve felt more shut than ever. Rather than asked about ‘what do you feel?’, people tend to ask -and more likely, interest about- ‘what will you do?’, ‘what planning do you have?’ ‘what are you doing?’ and many more ‘what’ questions. It’s more fit to ask ‘how do you feel?’ … More How are you?


First of all, I really interest with INFJ and INTJ MBTI types. I tagged it as my interest in Quora, and still love to dive any perspective about these topics. It’s simply because I have a friend (2 years older than me) who is an INTJ -while I’m an INFJ- and I think I can … More INTP-INFJ

Percakapan Random: Bahagia

“Jadi, kenapa lo ngga bahagia?” tiba-tiba mas Risky nanya dengan pertanyaan random ceplas-ceplos hasil pemrosesan neuron-neuron di otak jeniusnya (cukup dimaklumi ke-absurd-annya haha)“Eh…?”“Bokap gua kan ustadz ya, jadi tiap sebelum sholat, bokap gua ngasih tausiyah dulu. Jadi kata Bokap gua ya, orang yang masuk surga itu cuma orang yang bahagia soalnya mereka selalu bersyukur.”“Ok… Mas … More Percakapan Random: Bahagia

Screwed Up

I’m fine with my self now, and I don’t need any more critics.I’ve tried my best and never thought it to prove myself, in otherwise just for my satisfies. People hear but they don’t always listen.People see but they don’t always observe.People know but they don’t always understand.They hurt you many times and didn’t noticed … More Screwed Up